ng-conf 2015 Live Feed

HOLY NEWS, this feed so far has been a crazy awesome journey chock full of information.

Here’s a link to check it out.

So far the main important information that I have watched so far is the following:

  • There is no AtScript, only TypeScript
  • Angular 2 has vast performance improvements over Angular 1.x that almost rival pure javascript. Mmmm….
  • The new Angular router allows far better routing for normal and nested views through a unified concept that matches urls to Web Components
  • Shadow DOM and Web Components are integral featuresĀ of Angular 2…but get this, they’reĀ standard web technologies.
  • EcmaScript 6’s template strings not only allow the inclusion of variables with the #{variable} syntax, but also allow for large blocks of strings and templates without all of that pesky concatenation!
  • Much, much more, as this is only the first half of day 1!

I won’t have a chance to watch it all, but so far, these talks have been wildly exciting.

I’ll catch up with you soon on the topics of testing, the new Angular router, vagrant and docker in the near future!

Happy viewing!

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